As a business location, Liechtenstein is very innovative and rich in opportunities. The number of jobs is higher than the number of people living here. Every day, many workers commute to Liechtenstein from neighboring countries.

Working in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a very attractive place to work.
There are more jobs here than the country has inhabitants.
More than half of all employees commute to work in Liechtenstein from abroad.

The unemployment rate in Liechtenstein is very low. The business location is very strong and growing. Therefore, the Liechtenstein economy is dependent on well-trained workers from Liechtenstein and on cross-border commuters from abroad.

    Work permit

    Persons living in Liechtenstein do not need a work permit. Unless it is a profession that requires a state permit. For example, a profession in the health or education sector. Lawyers also need a permit.

      Cross-border commuters

      Different regulations apply to cross-border commuters.

      For persons from Switzerland, there is no obligation to register or obtain a permit under aliens law.

      Persons from EEA states must report to the Foreigners and Passport Office no later than 10 days after starting work. The employee then receives a cross-border commuter registration confirmation.

      For nationals of third countries a cross-border commuter permit is required. Third countries are all countries that do not belong to the EEA.
      The application must be submitted to the Foreigners and Passport Office at least 14 days before the start of work.
      If the permit is granted, it is valid for one year.

      Labor Market Service (AMS FL)

      The Labor Market Service is a job portal. Many vacancies can be found there and companies can search for workers.
      In addition, there is a lot of information for the job search. The counseling team of the Labor Market Service also offers personal interviews.

      Liechtenstein Employees' Association (LANV)

      The LANV represents and promotes the social, economic, professional and legal interests of its members and all employees.
      It stands up for basic rights and solidarity, regardless of gender, origin or age.

      The flyer about LANV is available in different languages.
      More information can be found here:

      Mobbing Beratungsstelle Liechtenstein

      Mobbing means that a person or a group repeatedly violates the dignity of another person over a longer period of time (about six months). This happens when the person affected is systematically and deliberately bullied, ignored, devalued, insulted or simply ignored again and again.

      For more information, see:

      Vocational guidance

      Vocational Information Center (BIZ)

      You can find the career information center at the
      Office for Vocational Education (ABB) in Schaan. Here you can inform yourself and find information about different professions. Which profession am I interested in? Which school do I have to attend for it?
      There is also information on courses of study at universities and universities of applied sciences or other further education opportunities. A counselor is present for brief informational interviews.

      Bonomessi Vocational and Career Counseling

      Support in choosing a profession, individual career counseling and coaching for job applications.

      in the (career) case

      Career counseling for young people. Academic counseling for high school students. Career counseling for adults.

      Personare - consulting, coaching, training

      Career counseling for adults. Study counseling for high school students. Career counseling for teenagers.


      Vocational, academic and career counseling.

      Support services for job applications

      Job application assistance

      The aha supports young people from 13 - 30 years of age free of charge with the compilation of application documents and the writing of the application.

      Compilation of application documents

      You are unsure how to write your application, what all belongs to an application and if your resume contains all important data? No problem. The "aha" supports young people from 13 - 30 years free of charge.

      Overview apprenticeship search

      Which apprenticeship is right for me?
      Tips and information about finding an apprenticeship can be found here.