Liechtenstein is a principality and is located between Switzerland and Austria. About 40,000 people live here. With 160 square kilometers it is the fourth smallest state in Europe and the sixth smallest in the world.

Integration Strategy

In total, people from over 100 different nations live in Liechtenstein. This means that there is great linguistic, cultural and ethnic diversity in Liechtenstein.

In May 2020, the study "Integration in Liechtenstein" was published. The integration strategy was then developed on this basis. in 2021, the government approved the integration strategy. The goal of the integration strategy is the good integration of all people in Liechtenstein.

Integration means: All people live and work well together. They stick together and accept each other. Integration is important and remains important. That is why migrants are encouraged and challenged.

Annual planning

The Ministry of Society, together with a steering group, has drawn up an annual plan. It states which projects and measures are to be carried out or started in a year.
The plan is evaluated with the steering group at the end of the year. A new plan is then drawn up for the following year.

The annual plan for 2023 can be found here:

Monitoring Report - Annual Planning

The Monitoring Report - Annual Planning 2022 provides information on the implementation status of the measures.


Promotion of integration measures

Living together and finding one's way around should be easy for all people in Liechtenstein.
The Office for Foreigners and Passports therefore promotes various measures. These measures should contribute to intercultural tolerance and improve mutual understanding and respect.

You can find more information here:

Promotion of language courses

In Liechtenstein, the official language is German. German language skills are an important prerequisite for good integration and for vocational training. Good language skills can increase your chances of finding a qualified, well-paid job. They also make it easier to participate in other areas of life.
The state of Liechtenstein supports participation in German courses. You can find the requirements and a list of language schools here.

Contact points

Office for Vocational Training and Career Guidance (ABB)

Office for Social Services (ASD)

Office for Foreigners and Passports (APA)

Caritas Liechtenstein

Refugee Assistance Liechtenstein

infra - Information and Counseling Center for Women

Liechtenstein Employees' Association (LANV)

Mintegra Buchs

Association SKS Integration Assistance