Liechtenstein offers a very high quality of life. The offers for the different situations in life as well as the scenic, cultural and economic possibilities are enormous.


Emergency call: 144
Police: 117
Fire department: 118
Poisoning: 145
REGA: 1414
Offered hand: 143
Telephone helpline for children and adolescents: 147


    Emergency number for doctors: 230 30 30

      National Hospital / Hospital

      For over 125 years, the Liechtenstein National Hospital has been providing basic medical care to the population.

      A new building is currently being planned. From 2025, patients will be received there.

      If you need urgent help, dial Telephone number 144.

      Office of Public Health (AG)

      The Office of Public Health is responsible for the entire population of Liechtenstein. Here you will find all information about the health system in Liechtenstein (insurance, hospitals, prevention and health promotion, vaccinations, remedies, diseases and risks, health professions, etc.).

      With the platform "Alles Wurscht?", the Office of Public Health offers an alternative and a source of ideas for healthy catering at events.

      Doctors and physicians

      You can find a list of doctors here.
      There you can also see which doctors are approved for OKP. OKP means "compulsory health insurance". The costs of an OKP doctor are then covered by your health insurance.

      Pilot project: Intercultural interpreting for medical practices

      Medical practices can use voucher codes to order intercultural interpreters from the Arge Verdi mediation organization in eastern Switzerland. They translate into around 70 languages. The costs for the assignments are covered by the Association for Human Rights (VMR) and the Office of Public Health. Intercultural interpreters can help with linguistic and cultural understanding and create understanding. The pilot project will last 2 years. Vouchers can be applied for by the medical practices at the VMR.

        Health insurance

        All persons living or working in Liechtenstein have access to compulsory health insurance. Mandatory means obligatory.
        This means that all persons have access to medical care. In case of illness or accident, one receives benefits in kind and in cash.
        Children and young people up to the age of 16 do not have to pay anything for compulsory health insurance.
        The costs for the health insurance have to be paid every month. For people who work, the employer pays half of the health insurance costs.
        You can choose from the following health insurance companies:

        Premium reduction

        People who do not earn as much are entitled to financial support for health insurance costs. This is called premium reduction.
        You can ask the Office of Social Services whether you are entitled to a premium reduction.
        Applications for premium reduction can be submitted until
        31. October to the Office of Social Services.

          Preventive care and vaccinations

          "healthy?" - Preventive care and counseling

          Screening is a free, voluntary service for children and adults. The aim is to find diseases as early as possible.
          All persons living in Liechtenstein who have a B, C or D residence permit receive an invitation to a preventive medical check-up.

          Vaccinations / Vaccine

          You can get a vaccination / Vaccine from a doctor. It provides good protection against various diseases.
          Children are usually vaccinated for the first time at the age of 2 months. The pediatrician follows the Swiss vaccination schedule.
          By vaccinating, you protect yourself from a disease and you take responsibility for the society.

          Sexual health

          The team supports parents and teachers in sexual education with lectures and workshops for school classes.

          Sexual harassment

          We speak of sexual harassment when the victim's gender is the focus of attention.
          This can vary widely and can range from profanity to comments about appearance to physical assault.

          The Office of Social Services has published a guidebook on sexual harassment in the workplace.
          Victims are encouraged to make their boundaries clear and fight back. Male and female employees are asked to help and support.
          Employers are required by the Equal Opportunity Act to provide a harassment-free work environment.

            Girl circumcision counseling center

            Contact point against female circumcision in Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein. A project of committed victims together with specialized agencies from Eastern Switzerland.

            Drugs and addiction

            If you have questions about addiction, you can contact the Addiction Prevention Liechtenstein. In part, the offers can be used anonymously and free of charge.
            Here you will find a lot of information about addictive substances and addiction.

            The "aha"- tips and information for young people also provides a lot of information on its homepage.


            In Eschen, Schaan, Triesen, Triesenberg and Vaduz, the Liechtenstein Care for the Elderly and the Sick (LAK) offers nursing and care facilities.
            The Schlossgarten nursing home is located in Balzers.

            Information and addresses can be found here:

            Meal service

            The meal service is aimed at people who are unable to prepare their own meals on a permanent basis or for a certain period of time. Information and registration can be found on the homepage of Familienhilfe Liechtenstein and Lebenshilfe Balzers.


            In the event of a death, there are many organizational and legal decisions to be made. Here you will find the relevant information.

            Financial support care

            Helplessness allowance

            Persons who live in Liechtenstein or have compulsory health insurance in Liechtenstein are entitled to helplessness allowance. However, this only applies if they are helpless and are not entitled to a helplessness allowance from the compulsory accident insurance or to a comparable benefit from a foreign social insurance.

            Care allowance

            Persons living in Liechtenstein are entitled to care allowance. They have this entitlement if they have health-related care and nursing needs (expected to last longer than 3 months). Or need help from other persons with everyday matters. The care allowance is earmarked. It is intended only as a wage for helpers (persons or institutions).