Liechtenstein is a principality and is located between Switzerland and Austria. About 40,000 people live here. With 160 square kilometers it is the fourth smallest state in Europe and the sixth smallest in the world.


Liechtenstein is located on the Rhine. The river is also the border with Switzerland. On the other side, Liechtenstein borders with Austria.
The capital is Vaduz. The castle, the official residence of the princely family, is also located here.

The official language in Liechtenstein is German. However, it is spoken in various dialects. Because Liechtenstein is so small, many people know each other here. That is why people in Liechtenstein are not so formal and are quick to use first names.

One third of the population are foreign nationals. Most of them are Swiss, Austrian or German citizens.

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Serviceportal.li is the digital service platform of Liechtenstein. Here you can find information, forms, leaflets and contact persons of the state administration for different areas of life.


Liechtenstein consists of 11 municipalities and is divided into the Oberland (south) and the Unterland (north).

6 municipalities are in the Oberland and 5 municipalities are in the Unterland.

The capital Vaduz is located in the Oberland.
The Oberland consists of the following municipalities: