Liechtenstein offers a very high quality of life. The offers for the different situations in life as well as the scenic, cultural and economic possibilities are enormous.

Excursions and sights

You can find an overview of exciting excursions and sights under:

Offers for children and teenagers

Leisure activities

On the family portal you can find a lot of offers for leisure time. Where are playgrounds and sports facilities? Or what offers are there in art and culture?


The municipalities have nice playgrounds. Here is an overview.

Dräggspatz Schaan

The adventure playground Dräggspatz offers a variety of play opportunities for children. Here they can try out, discover and play independently as they please.

Opening hours: Wednesday and Saturday, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Vacation fun

Here you can find all offers for the school holiday period.

Caritas Summer Camp

Every year, Caritas Liechtenstein offers children between the ages of 7 and 12 the opportunity to spend one or one and a half eventful weeks at the Caritas Summer Camp at the Malbun Youth Center.

ASSITEJ Liechtenstein

The ASSITEJ Liechtenstein is committed to the development, preservation and promotion of theater, art and culture for children and young people in Liechtenstein.

The ASSITEJ Liechtenstein offers a calendar with various offers in the fields of art and culture.

Young Theater Liechtenstein

The young theater offers various theater courses for children from 3 years and also for teenagers and adults.

KülSat Theater Academy

The KülSat Theater Academy offers theater courses for children, teenagers and adults.

The aha - tips & info for young people

Youth information center for young people aged 13 to 30. The aha informs young people free of charge about everything that moves them and interests them - from A for study abroad to F for vacation jobs to Z for pastimes. There is information material and help for self-help.

The aha is supported by young people who report on their experiences, on their stay abroad, their apprenticeship or their projects.

Every young person can and should contribute his or her ideas and skills.

Are you young, creative and looking for exciting ways to spend your free time in Liechtenstein? Then the platform is just right for you. It was developed by the aha team to offer young people an address for interesting topics, events and much more.

Youth clubs

In Liechtenstein, there is a youth club in almost every municipality. There young people from the age of 11 can meet and spend their free time.

Youth room Mauren

In Mauren there is a youth room for 11 to 15 year olds. For the age group 16 and older there is the youth room in Weiherring. The offer is supervised. In addition to working with young people, support is also offered for questions and problems in the everyday life of young people.

Offers for seniors

Seniors' Association

The Liechtenstein Seniors' Association is an association that looks after the interests of senior citizens. The Seniors' Association offers many services and opportunities for participation. Here you can find more information:


Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers in the counseling work with seniors:

Seniors' Handbook

In the senior handbook you can find all important offers and services. You can find it on the Internet on the website of the Seniors' Association. Or you can also get it as an information folder from the Seniors' Association.

Senior Citizens' College

The Senioren-Kolleg consists of weekly lectures. A lecture is a presentation on a specific topic.
Retired and interested people can attend the lectures.
Information is provided on the results of current research in the natural sciences and humanities. Here you can find the lecture program and further information:


"liechtenstein.bewegt" is an initiative of the Liechtenstein National Government. It is implemented by the Office of Health.
"Exercise is the most natural and effective way to invest in your own health" is the basic idea behind the initiative. Liechtenstein moves and with the online platform "" "movement offers" and "movement seekers" are brought together.


Cultural Legitimation Card - KulturLegi

This card is free of charge. People on the poverty line can apply for it. The card can be used to attend cultural, educational and sports events. Detailed information and the application form can be found at:

Meeting Centers

International Women's Café

At the Women's Café, women from the Liechtenstein, Werdenberg and Vorarlberg region can meet. The goal is to support foreign women in their integration. There are weekly meetings and an exchange on various topics. Activities are also offered. All women are welcome. Info in German, English and Spanish at:

Family Center müze

All families are welcome at the müze family center in Schaan. There are play facilities, a cafeteria and events for children and their families up to the age of four.

Vadozner Huus
Everyone is welcome at the "Vadozner Huus". No matter how young, how old, what their name is, where they come from, how long or why they are in Vaduz.
Here, social participation, equal opportunities and the integration of all strata of the population are promoted.
Details can be found on the website.

Resch Community Center (Schaan)
The Resch Community Center offers a wide range of courses. The focus is on handicrafts and design or dance and movement courses. In addition, events are held on a regular basis.

Treff am Lindarank

The Treff am Lindarank at the SAL in Schaan offers seniors the opportunity to socialize, read, play cards, sing, etc., or simply spend a pleasant time.


Sports and exercise are important components of society. They have a strong influence on health, well-being, quality of life and leisure activities. The Principality of Liechtenstein promotes sport in its various forms, from popular sport to top-level sport.


"liechtenstein.bewegt" is an initiative of the Liechtenstein government. It is implemented by the Office of Health.
"Exercise is the most natural and effective way to invest in your own health," is the basic idea behind the initiative. Liechtenstein moves and with the online platform "" "movement offers" and "movement seekers" are brought together.

Sports facilities in Liechtenstein

Here you can find an overview of the sports facilities in Liechstenstein.

Migrant organizations

American Women's Club FL and Rhine Valley

Bonaparte e. V. - Francophile in Liechtenstein

Centro Español Apóstol Santiago

Eschner Street 64, Gamprin, Liechtenstein

    Centro Português de Liechtenstein

    Industriestrasse 32, Triesen

      Chinese Association Principality of Liechtenstein - CVFL

      Comitato Cu Balla Viva

      Comitato Madonna della Pietra CH-FL

      Danish association in Liechtenstein

      Greek Association in Liechtenstein
      In the Rietacker 10, 9494 Schaan

      India Club in Liechtenstein e.V.

      Islamic Community (IGFL)

      Italian Emigrants Association in Balzers
      Alessandro Scarlino
      Address: Quadera 1, 9496 Balzers

        Italian Association
        Feldstrasse 56, 9495 Triesen

          KIB Liechtenstein Cultural, Integration & Educational Association

          Croatian-Liechtenstein Friendship Club

          Liechtenstein-Japan Friendship Club

          Liechtenstein-Russian Society
          Landstrasse 8, 9491 Ruggell

            Mundo - Latino e. V.

            Dutch Association in Liechtenstein

            Austrian association in Liechtenstein

            Ragazzi nel Mondo
            Rheinstrasse 47, 9496 Balzers

            Swedish association

            Swiss association in Liechtenstein

            Somali Association Werdenberg-Sarganserland

            Promotes cultural exchange with the Swiss and Liechtenstein population.

            Tibetan Community in Switzerland & Liechtenstein

            Turkish-Islamic Cultural Association Liechtenstein - Green Mosque

            Essanestrasse 152, 9492 Eschen

              Turkish Women's Association in Liechtenstein
              Rheinau 15, 9495 Triesen

              Union des Francais de l'étranger

              Bosnia and Herzegovina Association in Liechtenstein
              Churerstrasse 1, 9485 Nendeln

                Association against female circumcision Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein

                Association Grupo de Bombos "Os Lusitanos" Liechtenstein

                Association SKS Integration Aid

                Religions in Liechtenstein

                Baha'i community

                Christian Orthodox religious community in the Principality of Liechtenstein

                Evangelical Lutheran Church

                Evangelical Church in the Principality of Liechtenstein

                Free Evangelical Congregation Schaan

                Islamic Community in the Principality of Liechtenstein

                Turkish-Islamic Cultural Association Liechtenstein
                Green Mosque

                Life Church Liechtenstein

                Association for an open church

                Association Jewish Community in the Principality of Liechtenstein