Liechtenstein has special regulations, for entry and settlement.

Refugee aid

Refugee aid

The refugee aid advises and cares for asylum seekers and temporarily admitted women, men and children and helps them to find their way and to organize their everyday life. The goal is to enable integration through various programs and training and to accompany people on their not always easy path.

Social counseling for foreigners

Mintegra - Social counseling for foreign speakers - Buchs SG (CH)

Mintegra offers information and social counseling for foreign speakers and has various integration services.

People who live or work in Liechtenstein can also contact Mintegra in Buchs.

Advice for women

infra: Information and counseling center for women

At infra, women can get advice on various topics - also anonymously.
The infra supports women in finding solutions for their current life situation. In addition to general counseling, free legal advice is also offered by female attorneys.
A special offer for migrant women is the integra project. Here, information events on topics of particular interest to migrant women are organized with translation:

  • Individual counseling in the mother tongue.

  • The course "integra abc" for an easier integration of migrant women into the Liechtenstein labor market.

  • Writing-reading service.

    Counseling for men

    The Association for Men's Issues advises and informs about the various issues of
    Being a man in the context of social changes as well as the development of corresponding offers. The content focuses on lifelong goals
    within the framework of four main topics:

    • Family and work

    • Role and identity

    • Religion and spirituality

    • Body and mind

    For further information please visit


    Caritas Liechtenstein

    Caritas Liechtenstein is a counseling and contact point for people in Liechtenstein.
    The offer is free of charge.

    Caritas offers:

    • Social counseling for persons in Liechtenstein seeking help and assistance with clarifications.

    • Budget advice.

    • Reading and writing service: Some people have difficulties reading, understanding or writing German. They are assisted, for example, in filling out forms.
      Please note:
      If you do not speak or understand German, you must bring a translator yourself.

    • Caritas summer camps for children living in Liechtenstein.

    • KulturLegi: This is a card that allows you to participate in cultural, sports or educational activities.

    Parent Child Forum

    The Eltern Kind Forum is an educational and counseling center. Questions about family and education are the main focus here.
    The offer is for all persons living in Liechtenstein and includes the following:

    • Information on childcare.

    • Early support and home visitation program.

    • Various courses such as the babysitting course or parent meetings.

    The Eltern Kind Forum also offers discussion groups in different languages. Women and men from different cultures talk together about education, prevention and health.
    The offer is free of charge.

    Liechtenstein Red Cross: Mothers' and Fathers' Advisory Service

    The Mothers' and Fathers' Counseling Service offers home visits and counseling on the phone or at a counseling center in a community.
    In the Unterland these are Eschen, Mauren and Ruggell; in the Oberland Balzers, Schaan, Triesen, Triesenberg and Vaduz.

    The offer is for parents and caregivers of children between 0 and 5 years.

    Topics can be:

    • Breastfeeding and nutrition

    • Care and development

    • Education and parental role

    Family Network Liechtenstein

    The offer of the Family Network Liechtenstein is aimed at parents with children between 0 and 5 years.
    The offer also supports new parents who cannot speak German well or who have only few contacts.

    The talks take place at home, at the network or by telephone.
    The counseling sessions are free of charge.