Liechtenstein offers a very high quality of life. The offers for the different situations in life as well as the scenic, cultural and economic possibilities are enormous.


All information about importing vehicles, registration, changing insurance can be found here:

Driving License/Registration

All EU/EEA driving licenses are recognized in Liechtenstein. They only need to be exchanged if changes have been made to the driver's license. Driving licenses from Switzerland must be exchanged within 14 days.
People with foreign driver's licenses may have to take a check drive at the Road Traffic Office. Or they may have to take a theory test. You can find more information here:

Bus and train

LIEmobil - public buses

Public transport in Liechtenstein is well developed. All municipalities in the country are easily accessible by public bus. The border stations in Sargans, Buchs and Feldkirch can also be easily reached by public bus.

All municipalities support their inhabitants in buying a bus subscription. Bring the purchased subscription and the invoice to the municipal administration of your municipality of residence. Then you will receive a financial contribution back.

Here you can find information about the tariffs and timetables of LIECHTENSTEINmobil (LIEmobil):

Local buses

There is a local bus in Balzers and in Vaduz. The use is free of charge.

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB)

A regional train runs on the ÖBB section Feldkirch-Buchs. The four stops here are Schaanwald, Nendeln, Schaan Forst and Schaan in Liechtenstein.
LIEmobil subscriptions and tickets are valid on this route.

Information on connections, fares and timetables of the Austrian Federal Railways can be found here.

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB)

Information on the connections, timetables and tickets of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) can be found here.