Liechtenstein offers a very high quality of life. The offers for the different situations in life as well as the scenic, cultural and economic possibilities are enormous.

Domestic violence

Domestic violence is violence in one's own family. This means for example: a husband beats his wife, a father or mother beats the child.
Domestic violence is bad and should not happen. But if it does happen, you can find help here:

Liechtenstein Women's Shelter

The women's shelter offers women and their children protection, support and temporary housing. Regardless of the nationality or religion of the woman concerned. Or whether she has enough money or not. At the women's shelter you will find help, even if you cannot speak German. There are translators at the women's shelter.
Emergency call day and night:
Tel. +423 380 02 03

infra - Information and counseling center for women

The leaflet "Protection for Migrant Women" provides information on the right of residence in case of separation or divorce as well as information on protection against domestic violence.

Association for Men's Issues

The Association for Men's Issues offers violence counseling. People in need receive temporary shelter and accompaniment. It mainly supports men who have to move out of their homes (for example, because of divorce or domestic violence).
Tel. +423 794 94 00

Further contacts in case of violence in marriage, partnership or family

Social Services Office
Phone +423 236 72 72

Victim Assistance Center
+423 236 76 96

KIT - Crisis Intervention Foundation
Phone +423 230 05 06

National Hospital
Phone +423 235 44 11

Police emergency 117

    Sexual harassment

    One speaks of sexual harassment when the victim's gender is the focus of attention.
    This can be quite different and can range from swear words to remarks about appearance to physical assault.

    Sexual harassment in the workplace

    The Office of Social Services has published a guidebook on sexual harassment in the workplace.
    Victims are encouraged to make their boundaries clear and to fight back. Male and female employees are asked to help and support.
    Employers are required by the Equal Opportunity Act to provide a harassment-free work environment.

    Sexual harassment in public places

    Sexual harassment in public spaces unfortunately often takes place. Together with "aha - tips and info for young people", infra has launched the campaign "No place for sexism".

    Here you can find more info about it: