Liechtenstein offers an excellent education system with a wide range of opportunities in education and training. This supports all people in their personal and individual development.

Adult Education Foundation

The Foundation coordinates, plans and promotes adult education in Liechtenstein.

Learn a language, get better at using computer programs or improve your reading and writing skills:
You can apply for a continuing education voucher through the Adult Education Foundation.
It is for people who would like to do further education, but do not have enough money for it.

Adult Education Stein Egerta

The adult education Stein Egerta offers about 1,000 courses per year.
You can find more information and the range of courses and further education here:

House Gutenberg

Haus Gutenberg in Balzers offers lectures, seminars and workshops.
The offer can be found at:

The courses offered are aimed at people who have not been able to learn basic skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, and computers, or have not been able to learn them sufficiently - regardless of their origin, language, or whether they have or have not completed school.

Information and a free consultation are available here: offers more than 100 courses and further education programs
in economic fields in Liechtenstein.
You can find the range of courses here: