Liechtenstein offers a very high quality of life. The offers for the different situations in life as well as the scenic, cultural and economic possibilities are enormous.


Apartment rent

When you rent an apartment, it means that you have to pay a certain amount every month. This is called rent.
Often a one-time deposit is required at the beginning. This is usually 3 months rent. It is paid to cover possible damages. When you move out, you get the deposit back. Unless you have caused damage to the apartment.

In addition to the rent, there are often operating costs and utilities.
Homeowner's insurance is recommended.


Rent contributions

Families and single parents with dependent children are entitled to rent contributions. The families must live in rented accommodation and have been resident in Liechtenstein for at least one year. Application forms are available at the Office of Social Services and at all municipal administrations.
Further information is available from your municipality and from the Office of Social Services.


Waste disposal

Waste disposal in Liechtenstein is subject to a fee. For this purpose, waste, bulky goods, etc. must be affixed with fee stamps. The fee stamps can be purchased in most grocery stores. Waste and green waste are collected once a week (see waste calendar). It is recommended to place the green garbage cans and waste bags at the roadside the evening before. You can find more details about waste disposal on the homepage of each municipality. Further information can be found under:

Garbage fees

You can buy the fee stamps in most grocery stores. They are stuck on the waste bags or the materials to be disposed of.

Waste calendar

To find out when trash will be picked up in your community, click here:


The SUPERSACK can be used to recycle household plastics. The "SUPERSACK" can be purchased at special drop-off locations and the collected plastics can be dropped off at a collection point. Info on drop-off locations and collectable plastics can be found here.

Hazardous waste

2 times a year (spring and autumn) a collection of hazardous waste is organized. The respective date will be announced in time.

Werkhof - waste material collection point

You can get a waste disposal pass from your local municipality. With it, many materials and raw materials can be disposed of at the Werkhof of the municipality of residence. The locations and opening hours can be found on the homepage of your municipality.


Certain types of waste (green waste, not fruit and vegetable waste) are deposited in landfills. Details can be found on the homepage of your municipality.

    Drinking water

    In Liechtenstein, tap water is of excellent quality. This means that the water from the tap can be drunk in all buildings.
    On the one hand, the drinking water consists of spring water. On the other hand, untreated groundwater is also used as drinking water.