Liechtenstein offers an excellent education system with a wide range of opportunities in education and training. This supports all people in their personal and individual development.

Learn German

German language skills are an important prerequisite for good integration and for school or vocational training. Good language skills increase the chances of finding a qualified, well-paid job. It also makes it easier to participate in other areas of life.

There are numerous language schools that offer German courses. You can find funding opportunities and the requirements here:

Recognized language schools of the Immigration and Passport Office
Under certain conditions, the Principality of Liechtenstein supports the attendance of German courses aimed at independent, elementary language use.

Liechtenstein Languages (LieLa)

Liechtenstein Languages offers various language courses.

  • LieLa BASIS: German is learned in 4 intensive weeks. In these courses, people can learn German even if they have no school background and have failed in conventional courses.

  • LieLa ALPHA: only works together with
    LieLa BASIS. This program is for people who have never learned to read, write or use other characters. With this program people learn to read German in 4 weeks.

  • LieLa PLUS: extension of LieLa BASIS, which facilitates access to the world of work.

Early support

Early German support

All children should have a good knowledge of German before starting school. Early language support is assigned to the education authority and concepts requested by the municipal schools (e.g. Mach-Mit afternoons, parent-child German courses) are approved by the education authority.

The school offers are highly recommended for children with little or no knowledge of German. However, they are not compulsory. Children and their parents can take part in the year before they start kindergarten.

"step by step"

Play and learning program for two to four-year-old children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program is offered by the Parent-Child Forum.

The aim of the program is to increase equal opportunities for all children and improve their language and social skills. You can find out where and when the programs take place at:

Further offers for early support

The offer is supplemented by other institutions such as playgroups, daycare centers or parent education courses. The various offers, activities and contact points in the area of early support can be found on the family portal.

German as a second language

German as a second language (DaZ)

This offer is for pupils with a non-German mother tongue. DaZ lessons help children and young people to improve their language skills. The DaZ lessons are free of charge and take place 1 to 4 times a week in groups of 3 to 6 pupils. The maximum duration of support is 7 years.
The DaZ teachers support the children and young people in their integration in Liechtenstein.

Intensive German as a second language course (IK DaZ)

The intensive German as a second language course (IK DaZ) helps children to integrate more quickly into everyday school life. Children and young people from different countries learn in mixed-age groups. Mixed-age means that children and young people learn together, no matter how old they are.
In this one-year course, the pupils learn German and are also taught other subjects. They also learn a lot about the culture, the country and the people of Liechtenstein.
Younger children are immediately integrated into the kindergarten or 1st grade in their place of residence.

National Library

Here you can borrow a range of media (books,
(books, films, newspapers and much more) in various national languages. Media are available for children, young people and adults.