Liechtenstein offers a very high quality of life. The offers for the different situations in life as well as the scenic, cultural and economic possibilities are enormous.

Liechtenstein Seniors' Association

The Liechtenstein Seniors' Association is an association that looks after the interests of senior citizens.
With the Information and Advisory Office on Old Age, it is available for questions concerning old age(s).

Information and Advice Center for the Elderly (IBA)

The IBA takes care of all questions from older people. The questions often cover the following topics:

  • Care in Liechtenstein / Living in old age

  • Care and nursing allowances (e.g. wage accounting, application, forms)

  • Financial matters

  • Legal advice for seniors

  • Health care proxy and living will

  • Individual concerns and questions in old age

  • Advice and relief for relatives

  • Provision for old age / preparation for retirement

  • Loneliness or depressive feelings

The IBA's counseling services are aimed primarily at older people as well as their relatives.

The counseling is free of charge and confidential.

Dementia Liechtenstein

The association informs and sensitizes affected persons, experts, authorities and the public.

It advises and supports people suffering from dementia and their relatives.

The association organizes training and further education and helps to develop care concepts.

For more information, please visit:

Foundation 50 plus

The 50 plus foundation supports people on their way into the work process. The goal is to prepare people for a job.

Various skills can be learned in the foundation's own textile studio or woodworking shop.
The foundation also offers various courses. For example, basics on the computer or German support.

And through the Liechtenstein Chamber of Commerce and Industry, there are courses to prepare for retirement.

Registration is done through the Labor Market Service or the Office of Social Services.


Liechtenstein Alpine Club

The Alpine Club organizes various events and mountain tours.


"liechtenstein.bewegt" is an initiative of the Liechtenstein government. It is implemented by the Office of Health.
"Exercise is the most natural and effective way to invest in your own health," is the basic idea behind the initiative. Liechtenstein moves and with the online platform "" "movement offers" and "movement seekers" are brought together.

Seniors' Association

The Liechtenstein Seniors' Association offers seniors various activities and sports. For example, a seniors' choir, seniors' dancing, miniature golf or bocce.

Seniors active together

These group offers for seniors want to

  • promote social contacts

  • Offer activation and prevention

  • Get to know new things

  • strengthen social cohesion.

Elderly people (with and without limitations) and their companions from all over the country are invited.

The offers can also be used for caring relatives, so that they can take some time out.

You can find the course program here:

Senior Handbook

In the senior handbook all important offers and services can be found. You can find it on the Internet on the page of the Seniors' Association. Or you can also get it as an information folder from the Seniors' Association.

Senior Citizens' College

The Senioren-Kolleg consists of weekly lectures. A lecture is a presentation on a specific topic.
Retired and interested people can attend the lectures.
Information is provided on the results of current research in the natural sciences and humanities. Here you can find the lecture program and further information:

Information and contacts

Dementia Liechtenstein

Family help Liechtenstein - help each other

Information portal for seniors

Liechtenstein Old Age and Sickness Assistance (LAK)

Liechtenstein Seniors' Association

Senior Citizens College Liechtenstein

Foundation 50plus

Zeitpolster - Care and pension network