Liechtenstein offers an excellent education system with a wide range of opportunities in education and training. This supports all people in their personal and individual development.

Scholarships and training grants

In Liechtenstein it is possible to apply for an education grant. If this is granted, one receives money from the country for an education in the form of scholarships and loans. The scholarship law states who can get a scholarship or a loan. You can find more details here:

Career Guidance

Office for Vocational Education and Guidance (ABB)

The Office for Vocational Education and Career Guidance (ABB) is located in Schaan. Here students are given advice. For example, what kind of job they would like to do or what kind of studies they would like.

Vocational Information Center (BIZ)

The career information center can be found at the
Office for Vocational Education (ABB) in Schaan. Here you can inform yourself and find information about different professions. Which profession am I interested in? Which school do I have to attend for it?
There is also information on courses of study at universities and universities of applied sciences or other further education opportunities. A counselor is present for brief informational interviews.

next-step: Career and Education Days

At the next-step career and education days you can get various information.
For example, about the education system in general. Or there is information about dual vocational training. Dual means that the training takes place in two places. In a vocational school and at the place of work.
The vocational and education days take place once a year at the SAL in Schaan.

next-step: Web platform

On the web platform you will find an overview of measures and basic information. Information on vocational training and education with all the related topics.

BerufsCheck "Mis Läba. Min Bruaf"

During the career check week, young people are given the opportunity to get a taste of various apprenticeship professions. For one week, the motto for the students of the 8th grades of the upper and secondary schools, the Formatio as well as interested people from the Gymnasium is:
"Luaga, checka, usprobiera".

Vocational and career counseling Bonomessi

Support in choosing a profession, individual career counseling and coaching for job applications.

in the (career) case

Career counseling for young people. Academic counseling for high school students. Career counseling for adults.

Personare - consulting, coaching, training

Career counseling for adults. Study counseling for high school students. Career counseling for teenagers.


Vocational, academic and career counseling.

Vocational Secondary School

The Berufsmittelschule prepares students for studies at a university of applied sciences, college or university.
The courses start every year. The course can be taken part-time. Then it lasts 4 semesters. Full-time courses last 2 semesters. The focus can be chosen by the student. After the vocational secondary school it is possible to attend a university of applied sciences in Switzerland. Or you can study at universities in Liechtenstein and Austria.
With a focus on technology, it is also possible to attend universities of applied sciences in Germany.

University of Liechtenstein

The University of Liechtenstein is a state university. The majors are economics, architecture and spatial development.
The focus of these fields of study is based on the economy, politics and society of Liechtenstein and the neighboring region.

    Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein (UFL)

    The private university is state and internationally recognized. It offers part-time and accredited doctoral programs in Medical Science and Law.
    More information can be found here: